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AM-Solution is a dynamic and innovative company which brings more than 20 years of Maintenance and Repair knowledge into the industry. Experience from reefer- to electronic repairs and from spare parts to finished goods and logistics; we know how it works in every detail. With this knowledge, we create cost effective programs for large global, but also small local companies. We do electronics repairs, develop innovative tools, consumable spare parts, consulting, advising, marketing and even implement sales programs into your market place. 

All our parts, repaired or produced, are made with the highest care and quality and are covered by one year full warranty. Every single day we try to expand our product line and improve our products.
When a product or service is not mentioned, then do not hesitate to contact our sales team at sales@am-solution.com.

Services we offer:

  • Electronic repairs (Container - Truck Trailer – Generators - Entry Electronics)
  • Genuine Spare Parts (All manufactures of Container - Truck Trailer - Genset)
  • Consumable Spare Parts (Own developed, high quality and innovative parts)
  • Research and Development of innovative products
  • Clip-on & Undermount Generators Repair & Maintenance (in our workshop)

All our products can be found inside our webshop. Without logging in you find our products, product specification, software, instruction movies, dimensions and weight. When logged in, you can see our prices and you are able to place an online order. Any suggestion, question or remark can be emailed to sales@am-solution.com.

AM Solution