USB Host Adapter (UHA)

The below firmware versions for the ML3 (F3190731x) has been succesfully tested with software 5370.

Release note: 

• Fix for programming software starting with co2_xxxx and ca__xxxx.

• Configuration cfxxxxxx.ml3 recognized as proper config file.

Please update your UHA to the latest firmware before attempting to update a ML3 controller to 5366 or higher. If by any change you attempted the 5366 update using the previous UHA firmware and your controller hangs, it can easily be restored by first upgrading the UHA via another (working) controller and then repeating the software update on the hanging controller.

      Last updated: 27-11-2013
 AMS2000-002  Software for UHA - ML2i "Full" FW131127A   Update Instruction
 AMS2000-010  Software for UHA - ML2i "Upload" FW131127S   Update Instruction
 AMS2000-011  Software for UHA - ML2i "Download" FW131127R   Update Instruction
      Last updated: 31-07-2019
 AMS2000-003  Software for UHA - ML3 "Full" F3190731A   Update Instruction
 AMS2000-012  Software for UHA - ML3 "Upload" F3190731S   Update Instruction
 AMS2000-013  Software for UHA - ML3 "Download" F3190731R   Update Instruction


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