USB RS232 Adapter (URA)


      Last updated: 20-10-2020
 AMS3000-001  Firmware for URA UR201020 Update Instruction

Release notes for UR201020:

Extraction name changed in download file.


Previous release notes:

• Daikin Decos IIIJ serial number download fix and USDA calibration proper dataset.

Daikin Decos V(a) Zestia displayed version fix and download extension changed from .INV to .V0A.

Daikin Decos IIIE software upload for older versions fix.




Upgrading the URA firmware

The firmware for the URA has undergone some changes internally. It now consists of 2 parts: a bootloader and the actual firmware. The bootloader is a small piece of software which remains in the memory permanently. It takes care of upgrading the main firmware. The advantage is that any unforeseen interrupts in the upgrade process will not be problematic because the bootloader will still be in memory and can try the upgrade again.

In the former situation the firmware files had the name format FWyymmdd.BIN (where “yymmdd” is the date of the firmware) . Only files with that format could be installed.

To install the new bootloader and the new firmware, the bootloader must be installed first. Both files must be put on the USB disk in the \URA folder. The bootloader has the name FWyymmddBTL.BIN.  The new firmware has the name URyymmdd.BIN.

First the bootloader must be installed. On the URA it will be visible in the list of firmware files.

After installation, the URA will reboot, and the bootloader will start and automatically install the most recent main firmware file.

Note: With the new firmware, it will only be possible to install firmware files with the name format URyymmdd.BIN. This means that it will not be possible to downgrade to older firmware files which have the name format FWyymmdd.BIN.


The bootloader will start automatically at startup in case of the following events:

  • No valid main firmware found.
  • The main firmware fails to start properly at least four times in a row.
  • The ‘up’ & ‘down’ key is being pressed at startup.

In these cases the most recent firmware on the USB disk will be installed.

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