Electronic Repairs

Electronic Repairs

The Electronics Division (ED) started in 1994, with the repair of reefer electronics. We have also built up considerable experience in repairing truck-trailer electronics, since we started to offer this service in early 2000.

Our manufacturer supported service, can be very cost effective; especially when working with service contracts. The savings can rise up to 75%.

Our electronics department can currently repair or modify a wide variety of parts. Quality is very important, all repairs are carried out according to IPC electronics standards.

Like ISO, IPC sets high quality standards for the electronics industry regarding the repair and rework of electronic circuits and/or Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). IPC devotes its resources to management improvement and technology enhancement programs, the creation of relevant standards and the protection of the environment. Therefore, a one year no nonsense guarantee on all "Repair Price List Parts" is applicable.

We also act as a knowledge base for our customers as far as technical questions and solutions are concerned.

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