USB RS232 Adapter (URA)

The USB RS232 Adapter, or URA, emerges as the revolutionary reefer service tool of the future, setting new standards for functionality and versatility.


Key Functionalities:

  1. Data Download: Effortlessly retrieve critical data for analysis and insights.
  2. Software Upload:  Seamlessly update reefer units with the latest software enhancements.
  3. Time & Date Adjustment:  Flexibility to modify unit time and date settings as needed.
  4. Container Number Modification:  Easily change container numbers for efficient tracking.
  5. Functional Output Test: Ensure optimal performance through comprehensive functional output testing.
  6. Functional Display Test: Evaluate and verify the functionality of the display for accurate information.
  7. Alarm Reset: Quickly reset alarms to maintain optimal operational conditions.
  8. Cold Treatment Sensor Calibration:  Precision in reefer management with accurate sensor calibration for cold treatment scenarios.


Compatibility Across Leading Brands:

URA is designed to seamlessly work with units from renowned brands:

– Carrier ®

– Thermo King ®




Invest in the future of reefer service tools with the USB RS232 Adapter. Unleash its comprehensive features to enhance functionality and ensure top-notch performance across a range of leading reefer unit brands.