• Ship Deliveries


Seamark Trading Solution, better known as AM-Solution®, has over the years developed a vessel replenishment program. We can offer you 24/7 & 365 days per year, parts delivery onboard on your vessel in the Netherlands and Belgium. At the same time, we can also take the damaged parts form board to make sure we dispose it in a professional and official way or return the defective parts to anywhere you like.


The service is simple, just send an email to Sales@AM-Solution.com with your request. In return you will receive a reply with our sharpest proposal.
Our inventory is maximised with a special self-designed logistical program. Over more than 10.000 parts with a value of over €2.5 million Euro is ready for you.


What do we carry in our warehouse:

  • Daikin® OEM parts
  • Star Cool® OEM parts
  • Carrier® OEM parts
  • Thermo King® OEM parts
  • AM-Solution® Alternative parts
  • AM-Solution® repaired electronic parts
  • AM-Solution® repaired compressors and motors
  • AM-Solution® innovative tools
  • Refrigeration bottles (all blends)
  • Refrigeration tools
  • Tools & measure instruments


See our webshop for more detailed information. Any questions? Ask our customer service specialists (Sales@AM-Solution.com).